Perseid Solar

Perseid Solar is a renewable energy company focused on Solar Modules, Systems, and Services. Perseid Solar’s primary product is PV Solar Modules.  The company is building a turnkey factory, which will accommodate crystalline silicon solar cells. Integrating upward from Modules, Perseid Solar will offer fully configured systems, which add architectural and engineering support to provide customers with a grid-tied PV power-generating station to meet their specific needs.

Our Company and the Solar Industry

Perseid Solar brings its vision, successful IT business track record, and experience in government sales as well as architecture to bear in entering the burgeoning solar power marketplace as a U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier of solar modules, systems, and energy services.

Perseid Solar believes that efficient, competitively priced solar energy technologies and the emergence of the smart grid are creating opportunities comparable to those fueled by Information Technology (IT) and the Internet: decentralization and democratization of energy, what it calls the Energy Technology (ET) revolution.