Solar Panel Manufacturing


Central to Perseid Solar’s market positioning is its solar module fabrication facility, planned to ‘break ground’ in central California in 1Q10. In taking the bold step to commence manufacturing at the onset of the business, the company will capitalize on 1) the burgeoning demand for modules, expected to widely outstrip domestic supply; 2) generous federal and state incentives to set up manufacturing, on top of already compelling tax credits offered under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009; and 3) an aggressive proposal from our European partner for a comprehensive turnkey manufacturing facility, supported by a commitment for financing.

Module Line

Perseid Solar plans to initially install a module-making line (Phase I) in the first quarter of 2010. Modules suitable for customer qualification are planned for shipment at the end of 2Q10. The company is pursuing a fairly standard module design.


Technology and R&D

Perseid Solar will minimize technology risk by relying on proven, mature PV materials from reputable suppliers. The company will be pursuing a fairly standard module design. There will be R & D efforts, taking advantage of federal stimulus funding, to increase the efficiency of the module design itself. Additionally, an ongoing manufacturing engineering effort will undertake to drive down the cost of production through optimization of the assembly process.